Spring Flower Edition

Last month, we released a temporary spring collection.This collection with flower prints leather guarantees everything you need to stand out in this Spring. 

Thereforenothing better than this pattern for the arrival of spring and the beginning of flower blooming. The Edition is available in two modelsthe moccasin and the tennis  

Like all collectionswe created our products with the lifestyle of the city in mind,and this was no exception. Inspired by a rural corner 
of the City Park of Porto, Soundwich takes us to a calm and relaxed placesurrounded by nature in the middle of the urban 
life of the city of Porto. 

This was the inspiration to create the Flowers print collection. It brings the vibes of blooming Spring seasona in colorful pattern. 


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I just ordered my first pair of your mocassins (actually 2 pairs..) they are the most comfortable, incredibly soft shoes I have ever worn!!! They are just perfect right out of the box, they don’t need to be broken in, they don’t rub on your baby toe or anything. I have hundreds of pairs of mocs (they are a staple in my wardrobe) and these are by far the best I have ever purchased. I look forward to seeing more fun colors and designs in the future.

Your New Best Customer,
F. Nussbaum

Franziska Nussbaum December 13, 2020

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