Atlanta Mocassin around the world

Founded in 1987, Atlanta Mocassin was created with the aim to offer high quality and comfortable moccasins worldwide. Through our incredible retail partners who from the beginning believed in our products we were able to spread our brand to different countries and cultures.

We’re excited to share a little more about where our products can be found across the world.


Known for the city that never sleeps, where fashion is part of the DNA of those who live there. Walking through the streets of New York is like watching a fashion show where each person emerges style. Even the little ones are affected by this wave of fashion and can’t be indifferent to new shoes combinations. 

Tassel Shoes, situated in the village of Cedarhurst, is one of our retail partners in USA presenting Atlanta Mocassin to the youngest fashionists. 

Tassel Shoes USA


About 10,844 kms separates New York from Tokyo. A totally different culture, with diverse tastes for shoes, where comfort and authenticity are the keywords.

In the important city of Tokyo, Atlanta Mocassin is very well represented through Papas Store, where you can find a curated selection of our moccasins.

Papas Store Tokyo



Despite the high influence by Western European fashion trends, Russians always add a unique twist to their own style. With a great focus on elegance, everyone should dress according to their standards and traditions.

Tsum is located in one of the most emblematic and beautiful buildings in Moscow, making it impossible to go unnoticed by those who visit the city. There you will find the best selection for kids, specially during back-to-school season, with comfortable moccasins that will accompany the little ones throughout the year.

Tsum Russia



When thinking about Spain, the words that come into our minds are certainly color, joy and daring. People known for their irreverence in fashion, with no fear of taking risks, playing with colors, and showing some originality. And as we know, everything is possible with the wide variety of colors we have for our moccasins.

Through the streets of Palma de Mallorca you can find Rialto Living, a store with a rustic and sophisticated feel, with the best selection of handmade and quality moccasins.

Rialto Living Spain

 We are proud to be at the feet of the great world capitals!

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