How to Care Your Moccasin Shoes

Getting a good leather or suede moccasin shoes does not come cheaply, and it could all quickly go to waste if not properly cared for. When keeping your Atlanta Mocassin shoes properly, they are sure to last for many years to come. If well maintained they will feel soft and comfortable, and looking as good as new. 

So how should you protect moccasin shoes from getting damaged after using them? Let us give you 3 simple tips.


Ensure to always clean the dust that might have stuck to the shoe upon each usage. If dust does not get removed then wash the surface of the shoe using a light brush or sponge with water (preferably warm) and saddle soap. Once that is done allow the shoes to dry. It’s always best to let your leather shoe dry at room temperature. While extra heat would quickly dry up your moccasin, it would also effectively dry out and damage the leather.


Once you are done with cleaning the shoes it is time to apply some polish. This is only relevant for Leather shoes and not for Suede shoes. Always ensure that the color of your polish is a match with the color of leather. The use of a wax-based polish does not only improve your shoe color but also adds some pigment to the shoes which provides some form of leather protection. As with all natural leather products constant usage wears out the color of the leather. Regular cleaning and polishing keeps your leather shoes rich and supple.


Immediately after your shoes are out of use it is important to store them properly. The first one or two hours after you wear the shoes, the leather dries up and assumes a particular shape. Invest in good shoe trees and store them inside the box until the next time use them. This will allow your used shoes to dry out in their ideal shape.

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