Design Your Own Shoes with Marta

We have recently invited Marta Fragateiro from My Closet blog to develop a new pair of moccasin shoes for the Summer season. 

Marta is a fashion blogger from Porto with enormous experience in fashion design and product development. Alongside to her passion for fashion and photography, she enjoys traveling and most recently she spent some days in New York city visiting local art galleries and getting inspired in the city that never sleeps.

The customization process is quite simple and requires a product catalog with leather samples. Every shoe model is designed with different shoe parts which can be selected in advance. After choosing the shoe model you are presented with the different customization options available. These options include choosing material types like suede or leather, also seasonal colors and other details like shoe laces and shoe soles.

While our most experienced shoemakers are working hard to send the new moccasin shoes on time for the beach season, you can see more pictures from this fun meeting at our local store in CE Lionesa

We promise to keep you posted! #AtlantaMocassin

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marta fragateiro my closet

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