As a brand our main focus is to offer our customers the best quality and comfort through our shoes. This Christmas we will bring a little more comfort to children who need it most and we want you to participate in this mission.

During December, every pair of shoes bought on our online store will contribute to one pair of shoes offered to a child in need.

There is nothing better than a child' smile 🙂

Find below the portuguese institutions you will be able to help by selecting them when finishing your purchase.

Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Criança, from Montijo


Founded in 2015, with the aim of intervening with families with children and young people at risk and/or danger in order to protect and enhance their well-being and strengthening.


Casa de Acolhimento de Crianças e Jovens, from Matosinhos

Lar da Santa Cruz

Founded in 1936, accommodates children and young women between 6 and 18 years old, providing them a life structure as close as possible to a family, in order to ensure adequate care for individual needs and to promote conditions for a healthy integral development.


Centro de Proteção Juvenil, from Lisboa

Casa da Estrela

With over 120 years of existence, seeks the best solutions to decisively contributing to psychological and social balance for each young person welcomed.


Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social, from Braga

Oficina de S. José

Founded in 1889, with the aim of responding to the problem of educating children in situations of abandonment, orphanhood or other dangerous situations, currently supports male children and young people aged between 6 and 21 years.


Instituição Particular de Solidariedade Social, from Porto


Since 2008 it has been dedicated to stimulating and promoting the quality of life of its users, developing autonomy, fighting loneliness, as well as promoting their interaction with their families, with social groups of heterogeneous age groups.