Our Expertise

Proudly handmade by experienced shoemakers following traditional
manufacturing processes.


Where we came from?
We are very proud that until this day we make our moccasins with the same technic that the North American Indians, Apaches, made them: from bottom to the top.

Apaches starting to create moccasin to protect their foot when they made hunts. They use buffalo or deer leathers. With from a single piece of leather with a central seam running up the top of the foot.

With the pass of the time, they started to ornament them to distinguish one tribe from the other. Our ancient technic is what makes our shoes so authentical and truth to our beliefs.


Our Design
Twice a year we introduce a new seasonal collection based on a careful selection of colors and materials.

Our product development team is always looking for innovative ideas to improve product quality while at the same time help to preserve the environment.

Also, we love to make collaborations and capsule collections, so aside from our main collections, we can count with a ton of news through the year.



The Leathers

We mostly use high-end materials like Suede, Nubuck, Nappa leather, Split leather, and Grainny leather.

The materials are sourced from innovative suppliers meeting the high environmental quality standards. All are carefully selected to make each pair as elegant as possible.


Our Workshops

Our team is composed of amazing Product and Logistics teams, highly skilled Portuguese shoemakers and international sales partners.

We work with certified and the products are made to order ensuring minimal waste.

Our Moccasins